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Attributes Returned in any Web Service Method should return their related System Code Value Description if available

Attributes that have been defined to use a System Code Type do not return the related System Code Value Description when returned by a web service method capable of returning attributes. The System Code Value is displayed, which can only be 15 characters and upper case, while the System Code Value Description can be 30 characters and would be preferred to display online. This makes it hard to rely on the web services solely to retrieve all of the information one might need.

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Aaron Keating - Lipsey's, LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Aaron Keating - Lipsey's, LLC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A good example would be the GetOneItemDetail method in the iteminquiry.asmx web service. It returns the attributes associated with an item. Let's say you have an attribute set up called MANUFACTURER that uses the System code values to create the dropdown box in the Attribute and standardize the input. You could have a value of "MT" set up with a value description of "Motorola" for the MANUFACTURER attribute. When you query the GetOneItemDetail web service for an item with that attribute, it will return the value "MT" for the MANUFACTURER attribute in the ATTRIB_REF_1 value in the XML return. The value description is not returned, but it is most likely the value you would want to display on a website, POS system, etc... as MT is not descriptive enough. Sometimes, you can fit the entire word in the value key, but it is only 15 characters and that is not always an option.

  • AdminEdward M. Kwang - NETcellent System, Inc. (Admin, NETcellent Systems, Inc.) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Can you be more specifically indicate which web services, method, and how you want the return structure be modified?

    Please be aware of that changes like this usually can't be achieved easily because if we modify the return structure, then we are breaking the contract between the code and web services. Therefore, instead of modifying the existing web services, we often introduce a new web services. That of course, make this process a lot more complicated than a simple change.

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