Received Code 9999 or 30001 with Web Services Call

Modified Date: 08/31/2022
Version: 8.0 & higher

Q - I tried to use EliARACHService Web Services. What follows are the parameters I passed. Then I received error 9999.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:eli="">

It appeared to have the same error in the log file.  I looked at the web services document for this web service. It did not say what error code 9999 means.  Please help.

A - This is a generic error indicating that the NS Control File did not turn on for this ActiveX/Web Services. Please go to Global Setup -> Add-Ons -> ActiveX/Web Services -> Second Menu -> ACH Trx.
    ELIARACH (ACH Transaction)                              
        1. Use This ActiveX/Web Services ?               Y  
        2. Custom Program ID For This ActiveX Component ?    
        3. Custom Program ID For This Web Svc Component ?    
Answer “Y” to field 1, and leave fields 2 and 3 blank.

In some situation, if web services is not turned on in Global Setup, you could receive error 30001.  30001 general speaking means no record found for web services rely on relational engine only.  But it could also means web services is not turned on in Global Setup.


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