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Prevent Two Conflict Defer Processings Running at The Same Time

It is well known that if user run defer processing on two different workstations at the same time can cause problem. The following knowledgebase article show this may cause error 80: The type of error is not limit to Error 80. It can also be error 25. Another recent support incident shows that this cause quantity allocation double due to running reset quantity allocation at the same time on two different machine through defer. So running defer processing at the same time on different workstations is very problematic.

Elliott does not prevent two Defer Processing tasks from running at the same time. There is a valid cause for this kind of scenario to speed up the Defer Processing. In that case, you need to be very careful by specifying which defer batch will run for different defer processing tasks, so two defer processing tasks do not compete on the same defer queue. For example, you segregate your defer list into two different queues by using batch code BATCH-1 and BATCH-2. One defer task runs BATCH-1, and one defer task runs BATCH-2. This way, two defer tasks do not compete with one another.

Our current problem is user may accidental let two different defer processing running at the same time on two different machines. Then Netcellent get involved to find out what’s going on. I think it is time we need to change the defer processing so no two defer processing can run at the same time for the same batch code.

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