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Transition an Item to Obsolete

Currently, if an item is marked as obsolete, then we don't allow our users to sell it. This is done through Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Order Line Item Screen, flag "7. Allow Entry For Obsolete Item in COP Line Item".

However, in many situations, we may still have inventory left and we still want to sell them before totally obsolete it. Therefore, we need to keep the item as "A" (Active). But in the mean time, we need to prevent the purchasing of this item. We can't warn the user if the item stay as "A" (Active).

Can we come up with some kind of status to indicate that an item is about to obsolete so we still can enter order for the item. But we will warn user when they try to place the purchase order? My suggestion is to use the Item Activity Sub Code. Introduce a new sub code type "O" which mean "Schedule to Obsolete".

Any items that's flagged as Active with sub code "O" will be treated like obsolete in PO module. In COP module, any items that's flagged was Active with sub code "O" will subject to warning message. However, user can still enter order for this item so the left over inventory can be sold before we change the activity code to "O" (Obsolete).

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