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Allow 2 operators to log into the same WoP job

Many of our clients want the ability to allow multiple workers to scan into the same Work Order. We know there's a workaround by having the 2nd worker log in to the work center instead of the job, but for many of the floor workers this complicates things. Ideally the Floor Manager tells the 2nd worker to log into the work center, but in many cases things are busy and hectic, and Worker B logs in to a job worker A is in. Now A is kicked out and his time is no longer being tracked (unknown to him), and B did not even know A was in it. Additionally, many of the floor workers are just comfortable enough with Elliott to use the Work Order Processing screen. Telling them to learn when to use which screen can be difficult for many of the workers. I understand the work behind having 2 workers logged in is most likely complicated to program, but maybe an alternate solution is the following:

Create a setup option, 2nd Worker Replaces First, Y/N?

If this is set to Yes, it will function as it does now where a 2nd worker will "kick out" the first worker.

If this is set to No, ideally both workers are logged in and both their time is logged. However, a simpler option may be if a 2nd worker tries to login to the same job a pop-up appears "Operator XXXX is currently in this job, login to work center?" And then log that worker into the work center as is done now.

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Daniel Weissbard - CyberMAC Software LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

We are not aware of the 2nd operator to replace the first operator scenario. We will do a test to check if that’s the case. In the mean time, we think it is a good idea to offer the 2nd operator the option to login the work center automatically when the 1st operator is already on that job. This way, the 2nd operator time become the share labor. When the 2nd operator leave that job by working on other job, the share labor time automatically stop. Is this something you image how it should work?

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  • Daniel Weissbard - CyberMAC Software LLC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Edward,

    Yes I think that sounds good. I assume when the 2nd operator is given the option to login to the work center, it will automatically log him into the correct work center based on the Production/operation scanned in. We just want to minimize input from the operator as much as possible.

    Thank You!

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