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Check to See If Any Item in a COP Sales Order Is Locked Before Committing to Posting That Order

Many users perform COP Invoice Posting overnight as a deferred processing action. However, if an item is locked by a user (for example, in the case where a user brings up the Item File Maintenance without exiting), then the reset allocation will not complete successfully and will cause the quantity allocation to be out of whack. This can have a profound impact on 24x7 activities, such as in the case of Web sites where people may order online overnight.

What follows are two possible solutions.
(a) Educate users to prevent locking: Teach users not to lock the item file in Item File Maintenance for extensive periods of time. Make sure they exit Item File Maintenance quickly after changes are made. If users do not intend to change the item, they should use Item File Inquiry instead; or
(b) Programming changes: Make a programming change so the system will read every single item on a sales order to make sure none of them are locked before committing to posting that order. If any one item is locked, then do not post that order. Instead, proceed to the next order and indicate so on the posting journal. A possible event can be created so users can subscribe to such an event and know that some orders did not post due to an item record being locked.

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