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Provide Reason on Why A Pick Ticket Is Not Printed

There are many selection criteria on the pick ticket printing screen. Sometime when a pick ticket is not printed, user often wonder why that is the case and then become a support incident to Netcellent. We had documented the common reasons why a pick ticket is not printed in the knowledge base with the following URL:

It would be nice to know why a pick ticket is not printed.

However, there's a potential issue if we should implement such a feature. For example, if user try to print a range of pick tickets and if one of the order is skipped for "obvious" reason, it will be counter productive for the system to provide such a reason to the user.

Therefore, we suggest limit this feature to only when user choose the "Starting Order Number" and "Ending Order Number" to one single order. If user wish to print pick ticket to one single order, and the pick ticket is not printed, then instead of show "Nothing in Range", we can show the reason why the order is skipped on the printing output.

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  • To Aaron Keating, I think it is not necessary for the order that's on on hold. You can already easily find out the reason why an order is put on hold by looking at the order note. Further more, there's an event for order put on hold during pick ticket. You can subscribe to that as well. The intention of this proposed change is to provide some information on why an order is skipped and there's no where system tell the user why that order is skipped.

  • Aaron Keating - Lipsey's, LLC commented  · 

    I like it. Will the warning message include the cases where the order was put on credit hold during the pick ticket process for whatever reason?

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