PSQL Database Names

Current Standards

Listed below is the current naming convention for PSQL Control Center database names:
  • ELLIOTTDATA           V7.X DDF
  • ELIDATA                    V8.0 - V8.2 DDF
  • ELI83DATA                V8.3 & after DDF
  • ELI90DATA                V9.0 & after DDF

Standards for V8.3

Beginning with Elliott V8.3, it is necessary to associate the database names in PSQL Control Center to the Company data directories.  They will default as follows:

  • ELI83ROOT               for tables in the root directory
  • ELI83DATA                 for Company 01 tables
  • ELI83DATA02             for Company 02 tables
  • ELI83DATA03             for Company 03 tables
  • etc.

These are the defaults.  However, they can be overridden in EL800.CFG file, for example, by adding a section as follows:

  • [DatabaseName]:
  • Server=TS4
  • Root=XXX83ROOT
  • Company01=ELIXXX83DATA
  • Company02=ELIXXX83DATA_02
  • etc.

The Server entry is required for using ReportWriter.  It is used to construct the connection strings to the dtatbases.

The Root and Companynn entries do not have to be present in EL800.CFG.  When they are not present, the default database names are assumed.  There is no


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