How to Override Report Desk Font and Margin Defaults

Released: TBA
Version 8.6

Most of the time, the default Report Desk settings (located in EL850.Cfg and maintained by EL850CF.Exe) will work for your reports.  But certain reports may need a special font, or a broader point size range, or different margins in order to look the best.  It is now possible to override the default font and margin settings on a per-report basis at report design time.

To override the default settings, bring up a report and press the Modify button to display the User Defined Report Designer screen:

If the font and margins are overridden, the Override font/margin checkbox will be checked.  If that is the case, press the Font/Margin... button to view or update the override values.  If the checkbox is not checked, checking it will enable the Font/Margin... button and display the following dialog:

In this dialog, you can change any of the specified settings:
  • Font Name:  Press the button with the ellipses (...) to search for a specific font and select one.
  • Point Range:  Move the sliders to set the minimum and maximum point ranges, or enter them directly.
  • Single Line %:  Move the slider to set the precision for selecting the point size.  The higher the number, the fewer pieces of text on the report will wrap onto a second line, but the smaller the font will be.
  • You may press the Use Defaults button to reset the Font Information settings.
  • Margins: Change any of the margins as desired.
  • You may press the Use Defaults button to reset the Margins settings.
If you press OK, your settings will be saved for this report.

Back on the User Defined Report Designer screen, you may uncheck the Override Font/Margin button to remove any overridden settings for this report.

After making your changes in the designer, press Save to finalize them.


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