Support Function Keys through Scanning Barcode

Q - We use various functions of Elliott at our warehouse. This includes shipping verification, warehouse receiving, etc. We are already scanning the Order Number (on Pick Ticket), UPC Code, and Serial Number barcodes, which greatly speeds up the warehouse efficiency. It would be nice if we could also scan barcodes that represent function keys, up and down arrow keys, and the ESC key so our users don't have to touch the keyboard.  Is there such a function?

A - We have such a function in Elliott V8.0.  If you can make the following characters as "code 128" barcode, then Elliott will recognize them as the corresponding function keys:

  • ~UP
  • ~DOWN
  • ~ENTER (recommend implementing as generic ASCII Code 13)
  • ~ESCAPE (recommend implementing as generic ASCII Code 27)
  • ~F1
  • ~F2
  • ~F3
  • ~F4
  • ~F5
  • ~F6
  • ~F7
  • ~F8
  • ~F9

Within Elliott V8 applications, inside any input fields, the system recognizes the special character tilde "~" and expects to see one of those combinations above to follow. When that happens, Elliott will convert the input "~" value into the corresponding function key.

You may produce these function key barcodes through any commercial barcode software like Bartender. For your convenience, we are providing these barcodes below. You can simply print this page out and use it.

Keep in mind that these barcodes are only recognized as function keys  inside Elliott V8 applications. If you scan them outside of Elliott V8, they would just be recognized as their corresponding ASCII values.

Since the Enter and Escape keys are ASCII codes, they can be implemented as generic Code 128 barcodes directly.  They are provided below for your convenience.  Keep in mind that these two barcodes are not only recognizable when you scan in Elliott V8, they can be recognized by other applications as well:

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