Feature - Added Location security to Release Held Order

Release date: 02/22/16

In Password Setup -> Global Security, you can setup:
    Group Users
    Group Locations
If you choose to turn on location security, then you can determine certain group of users to have right to access certain warehouse locations or not.

Location security is not implemented in all areas of Elliott. Currently, they are implemented in many areas of, but not all of the COP (Customer Order Processing) and IM (Inventory Management) modules.  The following is a list of areas where location security are currently implemented:
  • Location Generic Search
  • Order Entry Header Screen
  • New Received Item Inquiry
  • Copy Order
  • Pick Ticket
  • Packing Slip
  • Sales Desk
  • Warehouse Management
  • Location Control File Maintenance
  • Stock Status Inquiry Screen
  • Inventory Aging Report
  • Add on Item Window
  • Location History Window
  • Inventory Transfer Processing
  • Item Search
  • Sales Desk Multi-Location Window
  • Release Held Order (This Enhancement)
With this new enhancement, we added Location security to release held order function.  Under release and release with filters, only locations set up in location security will show in the list box.  In release with filters, the Location entry field will not allow entry of locations where security is not set up.

Modified Programs: CPRESORD

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