Feature - Support for Verifone Point Devices with Card Chip Technology

Release date: 03/08/2016


Beginning with Elliott versions 7.56.308 and 8.06.303, Elliott supports Verifone Point devices, such as the Mx915, with card chip (EMV) technology.  Using this feature provides the benefits associated with using credit cards with an embedded chip, which are more secure.  These devices also support swiping, for cards without a chip.  This article describes the steps required to configure and set up Elliott and your Point device for retail credit card transactions.  Once configured, credit card processing is the same as with swiping devices, except that cards with embedded chips will use the chip technology instead of swiping.

Before you can use your Point device you must:
  • Configure Elliott to interface with your Verifone PAYware Connect (PWC) account.
  • Configure your Point device.
  • Register your Point device to your workstation.

Configuring Elliott

You must get a merchant account through Netcellent's approved partner that is set up to process retail transactions using Verifone Point devices and to process direct XML-to-PWC transactions.  Elliott sends swipe/chip transactions to the Point device, but other transactions, like Voids and Completions, bypass the Point device and communicate directly to PWC via XML.  Following are the steps required to configure the XML-to-PWC portion:

Open Global Setup from the System Utilities menu and select add-Ons / On-line credit process.  Position to item 2 and select 4 (PAYware Connect-XML):

Enter the requested values as specified in your confirmation letter from our merchant service provider partner.  Be sure to specify R (Retail) for Merchant Type:

Once these values are saved, you are ready to send non-terminal credit card transactions like Void or Refund to PWC.

Configuring Your Point Device

Most of the information you need to communicate between the Point device and PWC comes pre-configured on the device.  All you need to do at the device is to specify its Internet location.  After connecting the device's Ethernet cable to an internet port at your workstation, plug in the power cord from the device.  After a brief startup (perhaps as long as 5 minutes), you will see the following screen:

You should choose STATIC and ask your IT specialist to provide the necessary IP information to set up the device.  Once you select STATIC and complete any additional screens, you will see a screen similar to the following:
The last line on this screen specifies the IP address of this device.  Most firewalls/routers support round trip inspection. If so, there's nothing special to configure on the firewall/router.  But if for any special reason, you need to configure the firewall/router to get the credit card device to work, advise your IT specialist that the traffic on ports 5015 and 5016 to this IP address needs to be opened.  Once that is completed, you are ready to register this device to your workstation.

Registering Your Point Device

From the main Elliott menu, select Setup to change your user preferences.  On the Misc. tab, press the Credit Card Settings... button.  You will see the following screen:

Click on the Point radio button.  Enter the IP address of your workstation in the IP Address:Port text box, followed by ":5015".  You may optionally specify a particular Payment Source that transactions at this device will use.  If you choose a particular Payment Source here, the system will validate the payment source's client ID with one on the device.  If you leave it at the default <Use location source>, then this validation won't take place until you choose F4 to swipe the credit card.

Finally, click the Setup... button.  The following screen will appear to begin the registration process:

Click the Register this device button and follow the prompts:

You will see a screen like the following on the device:

After you enter the 4-digit number and press the Enter key on the device, your device will be registered and ready to use:

Press the Exit button or the Escape key to return to the Credit Card Settings screen.  When you perform a register or unregister, the settings automatically are saved.  Whether you press the Save or Cancel button on the Credit Card Settings screen, the configuration and registering of your Point device is complete.  You may now use this device for Retail transactions in Elliott.

Actions in Setup Actions for Point Device

Besides registering a device, you may also press Other actions... for more options:

These options, described on the screen above, may be used as required.

Modified programs: 


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