Sales Desk Shows Blank GUI Order Inquiry Screen for One User

Q - When one of my users goes to Sales Desk, enters a customer number, and chooses Alt-O for Open Orders Inquiry, the user does not see the typical screen as shown below:

Instead, the user will see a blank screen like the one below:

This problem only happens for this user in Elliott V8.  Elliott V7.5 works correctly.  How did this happen?  How do we address this issue?

A - From the looks of this window, there's no grid column separator visible in both upper and lower panes. Since Elliott V8 allows users to customize the GUI Open Orders Inquiry screen, this could happen if the user chooses to right click and hide all columns from the upper and lower pane. See sample screen below:

If all the columns are hidden, there are still the "Order#" columns left that the user can't hide by right clicking the "Show Columns" function.  However, the user can drag the border of "Order#" and make the "Order#" column invisible.  When this happens, all columns are not visible.  Obviously, it does not make sense that all columns in the list view are hidden.  If your Elliott V8 codes are newer than 6/21/16, then as the user tries to exit the GUI Open Orders Inquiry screen, he/she will receive the following message:

    None of the columns in the ListView are visible.
    The default columns will be shown next time this window is used.

See sample screen below:

That is to say, no harm is done.

On the other hand, if your Elliott V8 code is from before 6/21/16, the system will let the user do this. Then the next time the user starts up this window, he/she will see a blank ListView.  To resolve this issue, you will need to delete the layout configuration, which is stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry.  Once the layout configuration is deleted, Elliott will recreate a new default layout configuration the next time this window is started again.

To delete the current layout configuration, please bring up regedit.exe by using "run," or from a command prompt.  Browse to \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NETcellent\Elliott\8.0\Preferences.  Find the following entries:
You may see all four entries in your environment.  Just go ahead and delete the one you have.  See sample screen below:

The same blank ListView issue can show up for Invoice History Inquiry (Alt-V).  If you need to delete the registry entry, it is in the same area where the entries match the following:


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