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Allow to Edit Certain Customer Information from Order Entry

One of the common issue is when sales rep is taking order from customer, they like to have to opportunity to update customer address and phone. We don't want to give salesman the right to change customer which then they can change other sensitive fields like Salesman ID for the customer. So it will be ideal if we can give salesman the right to change customer in a limited way, like changing the address, contact, phone number...etc.

Currently, there is such a feature in Sales Desk, where after user enter the customer number, they can press F5=Option and choose to "Change Customer Data". See attached screen 1. The fields on this screen in control through Global Setup -> Cop-Ctl -> Change Customer Screen Layout. In this setup, user can individually choose to display which fields, and which fields are allowed to change. So this is ideal for salesman to update customer info.

However, not everyone use sales desk. Therefore, I propose to add this same functionality in Order Entry, after the customer number is entered, at the Ship To No. field, add a function key to allow user to change customer data and bring up the same window as Sales Desk.

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