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Elliott V9 Changes Summary and Detail - Please Comment

Attached please find Elliott V9 Changes Summary and Detail documents. You can just read the summary document to get a good idea of what changes will take place in V9. Please comment if you can before we finalize Elliott V9 project. Thank you.

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  • Regarding Shyeryl Manz's comment on 2/10/17, just as a FYI, we currently a more finite level attribute security through "Supervisory Relationship". With that, you can consider a more restrictive approach with Global Security flags and Attribute Code Shareable for Read, Change and Delete flags. See knowledge base article: for more detail.

  • Sheryl Manz - Davidson's, Inc. commented  · 

    I noticed a lot of changes to attributes but I'm wondering if you could take it a step further.
    Currently, you can set an attribute for shareable for read, change & delete, but that applies the same permissions to everyone (except the owner). If I give a user permission to change other users' attributes, they have access to change or delete ANY attributes.
    I'd like to see better attribute permissions - possibly based on groups. For instance, people who have access to change item attributes don't need to be able to change customer attributes, and vice-versa.
    Thank you

  • Regarding Avi Weissbard's comment on 1/31/2017:
    5. We will support unit cost and unit price up to 6 decimals. Since not all users want that many decimals, so we will introduce the following flags in company setup:
    Number of Decimals For Unit Price
    Number of Decimals For Unit Cost
    The default value are 4 which match Elliott V7/V8 design. The valid values can be from 2 - 6. We will introduce new AP to make the coding easier to support various number of decimals user choose to go with. At the database level, it is always 6 decimals. The flags here is only for the screen and report printing masking.

  • Regarding Avi Weissbard's comment on 1/31/2017:
    1. Search by name - Elliott V9 will use case insensitive key, therefore, there's no need for the upper case search field and thus eliminated in V9.
    2. We support up to 10 reference fields in customer, vendors, items...etc. In the past, they are searchable as user definable index (5 additional key). In V9, we will extend the user definable index to all 10 reference fields.
    3. Noted and we will discuss internally.
    4. We currently plan to support unit price at 9,999,999.9999 in Elliott V9.
    5. Noted and we will discuss internally.
    6. Yes, we will support Lot number up to 18 digits.
    7. We will have better support for lot number in V9. In the initial Elliott V9 release, the lot number capability will not be as robust as serial number. We intend to make the V9 database capable supporting robust lot number feature like serial number. Those features may take time to develop like V9.1, V9.2...V10...etc. A good database schema is like a solid foundation. That is what we are trying to do with V9. We intend to build on this solid foundation for may robust features to come.

  • Avi Weissbard - Cybermac software LLC commented  · 

    I like the changes. Few comments that Dan and I thought of:
    1. Search by name (Customer, Vendor, Item). I assume that the upper case search field will be eliminated but we will be able to continue to search by name and will be case sensitive.
    2. Replacing the Note fields by Attribute - will we be able to search by these attributes? Currently many of my customers are using the Notes' fields as a search for their customer's number. In some cases there are 2 or 3 cross reference numbers for the same customer (currently kept in a Note field) and I am not sure how the search can be done after the change.
    3. I see the Order Number, Invoice number etc are going to 9 digits. I didn't see the PO number and would like to see the PO number being 9 digits (or 9 + 2 with the release number) as well. This is extremely helpful for the Petroleum industry.
    4. Price at 9,999,999.9999. There are situations where the unit price is more than $1,000,000. I suggest to allow a unit price accordingly.
    5. Cost with 5 decimals. In some situations the "M" unit of measure is not allowed and it is necessary to present the cost with 5 decimals. There are Tax Jurisdictions where translating the tax to a number will cause 5 decimals. These are usually Petroleum Tax.
    6. I assume Lot number will be changed to 18 characters as well.
    7. I like to see Lot functionality on the same or close to the Serial processing level. I see the improvement of preventing splitting a COP line to multiple lines because of the different lots (nice !!!) but would like to see a better functionality in areas such as Inventory Transfer.
    Thank You

  • There are users suggest that Elliott V9 need to support plus work order with scheduling date at the routing level. Currently, Elliott plus work order support start and due date at the work order header level. But some users produce items that may take 2 weeks to produce. They need the scheduling at the routing level which SFC do. Then they need to print production scheduling report and material pick ticket for the date which is base on routing scheduling date. Without this feature, they can't covert to plus work order.

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