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Email Locking Event to Offending User

Currently, Elliott allow subscribing a management event by going to Global Setup, Press Detail Event button, and F5 key to insert the LCKEVENT - Record Lock Triggered Per Min. When a record lock over one minute is taking place, this event email can be sent to a specific person, like the admin of the organization.

It is suggested that this email should be sent to the offending user (the user who create the locking condition in the first place). The issue we had was that we know the offending user Windows login, but we do not know the Elliott corresponding user login. With Elliott V8, this dynamic is changed. In Elliott V8, we do track the Windows login ID. See attached screen.

So what we propose is to allow user to right click on Event Email tab, at the To, cc and bcc columns, allow the ability to add "Email by Windows User ID" and "Email by Elliott User ID". so the right click list will not be expanded like following:
System Variables ->
Owner E-mail
Triggered y E-mail
Primary eContact
Non-Blocked Primary eContact
*Email by Window User ID
*Email by Elliott User ID
Note the last two are proposed newly added option. If you choose one of them, then we ask the variables that contain the User ID. The system does not have intelligent to know which variables would contains the Windows or Elliott User ID, it is depending on the user to make the right decision. If you use this feature on an event does not provide Windows or Elliott User ID, then there's no way to make this work.

The return variable to the To, CC and BCC fields will look like:
It is user's responsibility to identify which REF-ID contains the Windows User ID or Elliott User ID.

It is possible that this variable can not produce a valid email address. This can happen because:
(1) The offending user is on Elliott V7.x which we don't track the login Window user ID.
(2) The email address is not defined in password setup.
(3) The Windows or Elliott User ID is not found in the user list for some reason.
(4) The defined email address is not a valid email address.

In that case, system will not be able to return an email address back to this variable. If there are no email address for the event because of this, then this event email is simply not sent.

This feature will only work for V8 users.

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