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Merge negative manual check to Bank Book

I discussed the situation with Roger:
There are situations where the company receives a refund check from a vendor. First a voucher was entered, then the invoice was paid and after that the vendor agreed to refund the payment.
There are 2 ways to process it;
1. Make a non-A/R cash receipt and credit the expense account that was debited on the original voucher. In this solution the vendor history is not effected. User can change the vendor file accumulators (amount purchased and amount paid) but this is not a good practice and the other files as AP Open Items and AP Distribution are not effected.
2. Create a Vendor Credit memo (which will create "over payment" to the vendor). Then create a negative manual check that will debit the bank account and credit the vendor for the "over payment".

Option 2 has more steps but keeps the A/P side with the right information in regard to the vendor's activity and amount paid to the vendor.
Option 2 creates a problem in Bank Book as Bank Book does not merge the negative manual check.

I suggest to have Bank Book merge the negative checks as deposits.

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