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Allow Deferred Processing for Post Office

Scheduling Post Office activities will be an excellent tool. For example, running the Printing Order Acknowledgement with Post Office every hour automatically using the Deferred Processing. Now it has to be done manually. When having intensive order entry operation, printing / emailing an immediate order acknowledgement slows down the operation and this has to be done in batch mode.

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Avi Weissbard - Cybermac software LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • In Global Setup, ask user the folder name for each task of defer processing to store the non-email one. For example, user can specify CPINVPRT-No-Email as the folder name. Then during invoice printing, the PDF Post Office document that does not have the eContact will be sent to this folder (instead print a hard copy, which is not possible with defer processing.

    But we still need to change the CPINVPRT so it does not prompt for parameters in the printing screen.

  • The main reason PDF PostOffice dos not allow to run in defer processing has to do with the requirement to check the select the printer tab. The printer tab is used when there's no eContact for a particular PDF PostOffice document, in that case, a hard copy is printed on the printer instead.

    Defer Processing, by design, does not allow printing to printer, and therefore is not compatible with the current PDF PostOffice design.

    An idea had been mentioned that we may print to the disk, instead of printer, when eContact is not found. We are evaluating if this is a viable method to move forward with future enhancement.

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