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eContact on location

When you need to email the Pick Ticket to a remote warehouse (might be a 3rd party), it will be nice to use the Post Office.
1. Add the Pick Ticket as possible Post Office Document.
2. Allow to assign the Pick Ticket on the eContact of the location. Elliott allows to add an eContact to a location in the Location file maintenance.
3. In order entry add the eContact of the location to the order.
4. When printing Pick Ticket, allow Post Office (now only PDF is allowed).
Cybermac plans to create a modification that will do the above but it is always better to have these modifications done by Netcellent. Also I am aware that in version 9 we might be able to have multiple locations on one order that of course changes the above concept.

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Avi Weissbard - Cybermac software LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Avi, we already have a solution to handle the scenario. You can go to Global setup, Pick/Pack Ticket/Ship Label, flag “15. Default Pick Ticket Printer by Location”. Set it to “Y”.

The during printing of pick ticket, base on the location you enter for the pick ticket, the workstation id will be different. As as result, you can setup print option window differently base on different warehouse location.

As you know that we can already printing to PDF and email. So all you have to do is to setup the email destination in email tab. Then the whole thing will flow correctly.


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