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Balance Sheet Net Income from Last Year - Fix Temporary Year End Out of Balance Issue

For users who do temporary year end, from the time of temporary year end to the final year end, the General Ledger Balance Sheet will be out of balance.

This is because the Balance Sheet Net Income (BSNI) only calculate the number from this year once you do a temporary year end. In the mean time, the detail transaction for last year is still there because final year end is not done.

It has been suggested, that we can introduce another financial statement layout code:
LYNI = Last Year Net Income
This is similar to BSNI. But LYNI only reflect last year data. It will only have value after the temporary year end, before the final year end. If the value is zero, then do not print this line on the balance sheet at all. If you should include this code on your balance sheet (presume before BSNI) then your balance sheet will be in balance even after the temporary year end. Let us know if you think this is a good idea for you.

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