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Cancelled PO Line Printing

When printing a PO with cancelled line or lines, the presentation is misleading and might cause an error on the vendor side. As we know Elliott print Cncl literal on cancelled lines but shows the quantity and the line total amount. The lines are not added to the total but I don't think its is enough, After cancelling the line, user cant even access field 19 and enter a comment. I think that the qty should be presented as 0 and the total line as zero. This is an old Macola behavior that we lived with and maybe it is time to change. If I am not correct the explanation was that we want to show the vendor what was originally on the line. The risk of the vendor sending a cancelled line, doesn't justify it.

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  • Avi Weissbard - Cybermac software LLC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think your suggestion is GOOD. So if Cancelled lines are printed and you add a comment it makes a cleared message. Between that and the option NOT to print cancelled lines, it will work. Thanks.

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