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Prevent Invalid Serial Number from Receiving to Elliott

Sometime either the manufacture bar code or our bar code scanner is not perfect. As a result, we received invalid serial number to our inventory which we do not know until when we try to sell it.

I like to propose a logic to filtering out these invalid serial number at time of PO receiving. For example, we can define the valid range of serial number as 0 - 9, A-B, or maybe some special symbol like "-" or ".". If the serial number contains characters other that these symbol, we will reject it at time of PO receiving. This behavior should be enabled through the global setup of serial number control. We should allow user to press a function key to allow scanning of serial number with certain special symbol that's not allowed per global setup.

In addition, sometime the invalid scanning of the serial number result in one digit short. Therefore, we should have a global setup flag to enable the following feature: use the first serial number in the list of the receiving serial number as the standard length. If the 2nd serial number and after does not match the same length, then system will reject the serial number. If the first serial number is a wrong scan, user can press ESCAPE key to start over again.

This change is only applicable to PO Receiving, including PO Warehouse Receiving or Legacy Receiving. It is not necessary for other areas like shipping verification because a wrong scan there simply result in failure to match existing serial number in inventory. The remedy is simply to scan again.

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  • Aaron Keating - Lipsey's, LLC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is good. I propose an additional safety check in the posting program to validate if a serial number has already existed for that manufacturer (vendor). Different manufacturers can use the same serial number, but one manufacturer (vendor) can never reuse a serial number. This should disallow the posting from happening and let the user know.

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