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Email Credit Card Receipt upon Credit Card Charges in Elliott

It will be nice to email user the credit card receipt upon the following type of credit card transactions:

Sales, Refund, Complete, Force, Void

There's no need for Pre-authorization. This feature need to be turned on through global setup in the on-line credit card processing area because not all Elliott users necessary want this feature. The default value is "N". The user who will receive the credit card receipt is determined as followings:
(1) From Sales Desk, the primary contacts on the ship-to or customers.
(2) From Order Entry Billing screen, the primary contacts on the order, if not, the primary contacts on ship-to or customers.
(3) From A/R Customer Account Summary Inquiry, the primary contact on the customer.
(4) From A/R Credit Card Trx Processing, the eContacts of the credit card owner if F7 is used. If F7 is not used, then the Primary contact of the customer.

The primary eContact of the customer principle above does not apply to miscellaneous customer.

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