Feature - Drill Down to Where Used from Stock Status Inquiry Screen

Release Date: 9/27/16

The purpose of this project is to allow users to drill down to BOMP Single Level Where Used Inquiry.  The current Single Level Where Used Inquiry application cannot be called from another application. Also, the list that is shown on the screen does not show any quantity information for the parent items found. The screen has been changed to show the quantity on hand, quantity allocated, quantity available and cost of each parent.

The user can also specify which location to use for the inquiry. Entering a specific location will show quantity information for just that location. Leaving the field blank will default the location to all, and the application will show accumulated quantities for all netable locations.

Additional information for the parent item can be found at the bottom two lines. 

From this inquiry, the user can drill down to the Stock Status Inquiry, Item File Inquiry, and ATP Inquiry.

If running V8.1 or higher, the user can also drill down to the Single Level Whered Used Inquiry for the parent item that is highlighted:

To drill down to this inquiry program from the Stock Status Inquiry, the "History" option has been replaced with the "Option" option.

 When choosing this option, the user will see a pop-up menu. 

From this pop-up menu they can choose to drill down to the Location History, Where Used Inquiry (if BOMP is enabled in Company Setup), or Item Inquiry.

Programs Modified: BM0000, IM0500, BMWUSEIQ


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