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Electronic Data Interchange / EDI

  1. Sales Orders Import Utility Does Not Import the Freight Amount

  2. Feature - Export 865 for Canceled/Closed Orders Separately

  3. SPS Document Processing Error on AllowChrgAmt

  4. Feature - Export Orders with WO Line Item Only in Shipped Data Export

  5. Feature - Use Order Attributes for Special Instructions on VICS BOL

  6. Feature - Use Note Type for Special Instructions on VICS BOL

  7. Feature - Amazon Routing Number (ARN) - ASN Label & VICS BOL Creation

  8. Feature - Create Shipment Records When Complete Bill Of Lading

  9. Feature - Add VICS BOL Confirmation Number to Shipment Tracking Note

  10. Feature - Fields Added to User-Defined CSV to Support the EDI 846

  11. Feature - Move EDI Profile Maintenance Maximum # of Item Per Label

  12. Feature - Multi-Select for Export Orders with WO Line Item Only in Shipped Order Data Export

  13. Change - LOG Files in EDI Export Processes Are Now Redirected to LOG Folder

  14. Feature - Add Export Posted/Closed/Canceled Orders Option in Order Data Export

  15. Feature - Add Tracking Number to Shipped Data Export

  16. Feature - PO Export by Vendor EDI Profile

  17. Feature - Print ATTRIB-1 through ATTRIB-5 on UCC-128 Label

  18. Feature - EDI Option Allow Miscellaneous Charges

  19. Canceled PO Line Items Still Exporting on EDI

  20. Feature - Support Callable Module to Customize Sales Order Import

  21. A Summary to Outline of Elliott EDI Integration Flow

  22. How Do You Export Tracking Numbers From Elliott Into Shopify?

  23. Feature – Import Shopify Orders to Elliott through ESS and SPS

  24. Feature - Optionally Export _CHRGALLOW Attribute Data

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