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Feature - Enforced Report Destinations

Release Date: 9/28/16
Updated: 10/4/2022
Versions: 8.5 and 8.6


It is now possible for an administrator to require that certain reports are spooled to disk and/or emailed in the same way every time they are run.  In the same manner, a specific Laser Form may be enforced.  This can guarantee that, for example, a copy of every printed invoice is saved to disk or emailed to the same email address, allowing for a complete "log" of the actual documents.  We currently have the option to create pick ticket or invoice logs, but these logs contain information at the order header level. This new ability will create log entries at the very detail level, provided disk space is not an issue.

This is also a feature that's necessary to implement the feature of emailing PDF invoices, A/R Statements, Order Acknowledgements type of business documents.  The potential saving on postage, mailing materials and labor can be huge when you switch from regular postal mailing to emailing.

User SPERVISOR automatically has the ability to specify output enforcements.  Now, it is possible to designate up to four more users with this ability.  To enable other users to enforce destinations, do the following, select Global Setup from the System Utilities menu of the Control Center.  Then, select the Print option window pulldown from the System menu and you will see this window:

You may use any of fields 3 through 6 to enter additional users that can enforce output options.

To enforce options, an administrator logs in as SUPERVISOR, or one of the additional enabled users, goes to the Report Output Options screen and specifies on the Disk and/or Email tab that he or she wants that destination enforced, along with the specified description and/or email information.  The administrator may also select a specific Laser Form and enforce its use.

Then, when anyone runs the report, it will automatically go to the specified destination with the specified information and/or Laser form enforced.

Specifying a Destination to be Enforced

After logging in as SUPERVISOR, the administrator can go to the Disk and/or Email tab and select the Destination Enforced check box:

When the Destination Enforced check box is set, the check box in the current tab is also set and disabled, indicating that this destination will be enforced after the Go button is pressed.  If the Destination Enforced check box is unset, the check box on the current tab will be enabled again, and no enforcement will be saved for that destination.

On the Email tab, selecting the Destination Enforced  button also unsets and disables the Clear recipients after sending  and Interactive email  check boxes, because they would enable the user to circumvent the enforcement:

Enforcing a Laser Form

When a report is sent to the printer, or when Print to PDF is selected, a Laser Form can be chosen to be used on each page of the report.  Now, SUPERVISOR has the ability to enforce his selected Laser Form for any time a specific report is created, by selecting Form enforced:  

Saving Enforcements

When user SUPERVISOR presses the Go button, any selected enforcements automatically will be saved.  If SUPERVISOR or one of the other privileged users wants to save enforcements, he or she may simply press the Save Enforce button to save the enforcements without actually running the report.

Once this is done,  the report automatically will have the enforced Laser Form and/or enforced destinations selected whenever the report is run.

Version 8.6 Enhancement

In Elliott v8.6, creating enforcements has been changed to be more like Report Desk:
  • Enforcements are not automatically saved when SUPERVISOR presses the Go button.
  • Instead, when any Supervisor user presses the Go button, a check is made to see if any enforcements have changed.  If so, the user will be asked if he wants the changes to enforcements to be saved:

  • Selecting Yes will save the changes; selecting No will not.

Running Reports with Enforced Destinations

When a disk and/or email destination is enforced for a report, the check box in the corresponding tab is automatically set and disabled:

When a destination is enforced, the user cannot unset that destination or change any parameters on that tab.  Each input field and checkbox will be filled as specified by the SUPERVISOR.  They will be disabled and appear as grayed out.  Additionally, it is not possible to change the Laser Form, or whether or not the output will be in PDF format, or any PDF or other options:

However, the user will be able to specify additional output options by using the Printer,  Screen and/or Defer  tabs.

Removing Enforced Destinations

After logging in as SUPERVISOR, the administrator may unset one or more of the Destination Enforced check boxes.  When the Go  button is pressed, only the destinations marked as set are saved.  So unchecking both destinations will remove all enforced destinations for the report.

Overriding Enforced Destinations

Individual users may be granted the ability to override any enforced destination they encounter.  To grant this ability, go to Password Setup from the System Utilities  group on Control Center.  From there select Global Security, then User Global Security.  Select Change  and enter the User ID and Company.  On the sixth page, set item 15 to Y as follows:

The selected user will then have the ability to ignore the enforced destinations when they run reports.

Modified programs: BIDRPTM

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