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Feature - Allow User to Choose Time Format on Plus Work Order Traveler (BM20P3T)

Allows the user to choose how to format the time that is printed on the Plus Work Order Traveler (BM20P3T).

First, change the BOMP Global Control Setup, screen 6, field 6, "Show Decimal Time on the Plus WO Traveler?" to "N" to change printing
of hours to an HH:MM:SS format.  A value of space or "Y" will continue printing in decimal time, which is the default.

A sample of the report using the HH:MM:SS format follows below:

         Op#  T ID   Description                    WC     Dept E/S -----Direct-Labor----- -----Shared-Labor----- --------Machine-------
                         Batch                                 User-Def-Code         Ext-Hours  Grade       Ext-Hours  Grade       Ext-Hours No  Md

  Op#10   P WELD WELDING                        001    1    Est        00:07:00 Hr/Qty                                            00:07:00 Hr/Qty
                                                                                                     03:30:00     1                                1               03:30:00      R

Modified Programs:



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