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My General Ledger Interface with Other Package Is Out of Balance

Q - When I go to GL ->  Processing -> Interface from Other Package, I choose to interface with the IM module.  After the interface, my GL Journal transaction shows it is out of balance.  How can this happen?  What should I do?

A - Generally speaking, the interface out of balance can happen due to someone else performing posting while the interface is taking place.  This is especially true if you perform the interface during the day and it takes a long period of time to complete.

How to Prevent Interface Out of Balance in the Future
To prevent this from happening in the future, you can adopt the following strategies:
  1. Do not interface during the day while other users may perform posting.  You should be aware that GL Interface from Other Package can be deferred if you choose to "Print Report."  Many Elliott users perform interfacing overnight through deferred processing and post the interface transactions immediately after in deferred processing.
  2. Coordinate with other users while you perform the interface.  Don't let interface and posting take place at the same time.
  3. If it takes a long time to interface, it means your distribution file is too big and you should consider purging it. When you make the interface run faster, you also reduce the chance of conflict with other users that might perform the posting.
How to Fix the Out-of-Balance Data
Now that this out of balance has taken place, how do you fix this problem?
  1. You first need to verify if the un-interface distribution is out of balance by the same opposite amount. You can do so by going to the module that you interface from, print the G/L Distribution Report, and make sure you answer "N" to "Interface to G/L Status?"  If the result shows it is out of balance by the same opposite amount, then you are on the right track.  For example, if your G/L Journal transaction shows it is out of balance by $100 Dr, and your un-interface distribution report is out of balance by $100 Cr, then you are good to proceed to the next step.
  2. In G/L, post your G/L General Journal Transaction and indicate an allow out-of-balance posting. You may need to go to G/L Setup to turn on "1. Allow Out of Balance Posting ?"  See sample screen at the end of this article.
  3. Perform the interface with the same module one more time.  This time, we expect that it will be out of balance by the same amount in the opposite direction.  Then print G/L General Journal trx edit list to verify after the interface.  If it is out of balance by the amount that you expect it to be, proceed with the out-of-balance posting.
  4. To make sure your G/L is in balance after step 3 above, please go print a G/L Trail Balance report to ensure it is balanced.


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