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Using Raw Data Pass Through for Dot Matrix Printer on Windows 10 Does Not Work

Q: How can I use raw data pass through with dot matrix printer on a Window 10 computer?
In Elliott we can print to a dot matrix printer by using the raw data pass through method -- that is to say using a printer font other than 00. This works with our Windows XP or Windows 7 machines. But it won’t work after upgrading the workstation Windows OS to Windows 10.

A:  This issue happens with Windows OS 8 or 10.  Based on our testing, you can use the following method to make raw data pass through work again.

     1.      Change Driver to “Generic / Text Only” from the original printer driver (i.e., change original driver from OKIDATA ML320 to Generic / Text Only).  

  Set up printer port on LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3. You may install a parallel port add-on card on your PC since most new computers do not provide a parallel port nowadays.

           (In this example, we installed a parallel port at LPT2:)


Before proceeding further, create a small sample TXT file.  Like Hello.txt with one line that says "Hello!"  Then use the following command at the command prompt:

C:\Users\emk> COPY Hello.txt LPT2:

You should see "Hello!" printed on your dot matrix printer.  Alternatively, you can also list your current folder content to the LPT2 by using the following command:

C:\Users\emk> DIR > LPT2:

If you see the printing on your dot matrix printer, then you can proceed to the next step.  If not, then probably there are other printer driver(s) holding up the same LPT port., You will need to resolve this before you can proceed any further.

      3.  On the Elliott Printer Option screen:

          a.      Select Font = 01 No Printer Fonts Defined for Check, Picking Ticket, Invoice etc.

          b.      Select Font = 02 Epson – Compressed for Report.

          c.      Select printer port (i.e., LPT2) in Raw Data Pass Through Option.



We recommend that all Elliott users migrate to laser printers because dot matrix printer support is becoming more and more difficult. 


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