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Feature - Assign Next Manual Check Number in Computer Check Printing

Release Date - 12/12/16

The feature allows the user to use the Manual Check Number range from A/P Global Setup when printing computer checks. 

To use this feature, set option 16 in A/P Global Control - Allow F1 Key to Seq Assign AP Check Number to Y. This will allow the use of manual check numbers in A/P Transaction Processing when entering a prepaid voucher as well as when printing computer checks. 

Set option 17 in A/P Global Control - Next Sequential AP Check Number to a number greater than 500000. This  will represent a check range that is outside of the normal computer check range.

When printing computer checks, the user now has the option to use this value instead of the normal check number range.

When at the Starting Check No field, the user can press the F1 key to retrieve the next manual check number from A/P Global Control.

The application will display the next manual check number. This number will be used for the check number when printing computer checks.

Note: If the users access the Starting Check No field to change the value, they must press the F1 key again to instruct the system to use the next manual check number. Also, when using this method, the application will not prompt the user to ask if the checks have been printed correctly and check numbers cannot be reused.

Programs Modified: AP08P2

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