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Feature: PDF PostOffice in Elliott V8.2, Part 1

Release date: 01/03/2017 

eContact Maintenance

The next step after completing Global Setup for PDF PostOffice is to make sure the desired contacts will receive the emailed documents.  If setup field 2 is set to Y, there will be default recipients for many of the PDF documents.  Whether or not setup field 2 is set to Y, you may wish to modify which contacts will receive which documents.  Bring up the list of contacts for any particular customer, salesman, bill-to customer, ship-to location, order, invoice, purchase order or vendor to see whether or not that entity is eligible to receive any particular document: 

There is a new column, Email Docs, at the right end of the list, where the email documents the contact is eligible to receive in this relationship are listed.  When you hover the mouse over any row in that column, a tooltip will appear listing the eligible documents for that contact, if there are any.  In this example, customer contact Edward M. Kwang can receive COP Invoices, A/R Statements, Order Quotes and RMA Acknowledgements via PDF PostOffice.

You may decide to add some eligible documents to a contact/relationship, or remove some.  To do that, press the View/Edit button, then select the Web tab, then press the Email Docs... button in the E-Mail Details area.

After pressing the Email Docs... button, the following dialog will appear:

On this screen, you may change whether or not this contact/relationship is eligible to receive any document type that is not grayed out.  In this example, it is possible to change the COP Invoices, A/R Statements. Order Acknowledgements, Order Quotes and RMA Acknowledgements eligibility.  For those documents, you may select Yes to make the contact eligible, No to make the contact ineligible, or Default to follow the default logic -- in this case, ineligible because in Global Setup, the primary contact does not get the document by default.

Also in this example, the Purchase Orders line is grayed out because it would not make sense for a customer to receive a purchase order.  If, for example, Order Quotes had not been set up to receive PDF PostOffice documents, that line would be grayed out here.  Finally, the Shipment Confirmation line is grayed out because shipment confirmations are specified in Global Setup to go to the primary contact in the relationship.

You may change settings on individual lines, or use the Include all, Exclude all or Default all buttons to change all non-grayed lines.  When you are finished, press OK to keep the changes or Cancel to reset them to how they were when you entered this screen.  Note that these changes are not saved in the record until the Save button is pressed on the underlying eContact Information screen.

As mentioned previously, you should decide whether there's an opt-in process when you set the value of Field 2 in Global Setup.  If you choose to require opt-in, then you should call each customer, ship-to and vendor and set the flags in Contact accordingly before you make them eligible to receive them.  If you choose not to require opt-in, then you can assume the primary contact will get the business document and make a general announcement to your customers or vendors first. Then make adjustments when your customer, ship-to or vendor calls you to change his/her eligibility.

Which Contacts Get the Documents

All eligible contacts will receive PDF PostOffice documents.  A single email will go out with all eligible recipients in the To: email list.  For COP and PO documents, when there are contacts on the order, they will default to receive all business documents associated with the order without opting in. You can also go to Global Setup -> Cop-func -> Order Header screen, and answer "Y" to field "2. Copy Customer Primary Contact and send Email?" This will save you from manually copying the contact to the order if the customer's or ship-to's primary contact is usually the one to receive the business documents.

For PDF PostOffice documents related to customers, the following eligible contacts that are flagged to receive the document will receive the email:
  1. Customer eContacts
  2. Ship-To eContact
  3. Bill-To Customer eContacts
  4. Salesman eContacts
If you do not wish the bill-to customers to receive the PDF PostOffice document, then do not enable the corresponding flags in eContact setup for the bill-to customers, vice versa if you don't wish the regular customers to receive the email. In some mixture scenarios, you may need to print the paper copy of invoice and mail the invoice instead.

The process to determine the contact is very similar to shipment confirmation email (except shipment confirmation email does not support bill-to and Salesman eContact).  See the following Knowledge Base article for more details:

Modified programs: V8.2

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