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Feature - Mass Change Salesman Utility

Release date: 1/17/2017

A new Mass Change Salesman utility function has been added to Global Setup --> Utilities --> A/R Utilities. The purpose of this utility to handle the situation that arises when an old salesperson has left the company and his or her existing customers are re-assigned to a new salesperson, a pool account, or divided up by other existing salespersons in the company. Instead of manually updating the salesman field in customer file maintenance, this utility gives you the option to create a CSV file to facilitate the changes.
You will create a CSV file with the layout shown on the following screen, then run Pre-Interface and Interface using the Path and Filename of the CSV file.  See sample screen below:

In addition to updating the customer's file salesman, it can also optionally updates the following tables:
  • Ship-to Salesman: If the ship-to file has the same old salesman assigned to the customer, then this utility can optionally update the shiip-to table salesman as well.
  • Open Order Salesman: If the old salesman is one of the 3 salesmen on the order, then the Order Salesman field will be changed to the new salesman.
  • Wishlist Salesman: This utility can optionally update the Salesman field in the Wish List table, if the Wish List is enabled in Global Setup. This will allow the new salesman to follow up on the customer's Wish List that was created under the old salesman.
  • Attribute User: If attribute security is turned on (based on User Global Security, Allow Change/Delete Others' Attribute), then it is important to allow the new salesman to edit the attributes created by the old salesman. Attribute security is controlled by the Elliott User ID, not by the salesman ID. To create the proper cross-reference from salesman to user ID, you need to go to Salesman File Maintenance and update the "User ID" field.
As for which tables can be optionally updated, it depends on the setup in Global Setup --> Acct --> A/R Salesman Re-Assign.  See sample screen below:

The pre-interface and interface will check the following:
  1. The customer number must be on file and must be available for updating.
  2. The old salesman must be on file.
  3. The new salesman must be on file.
  4. The old salesman must be the current salesman on the customer record (before the change).
Sample of errors:

If the application will update the Wish List or attribute when reassigning the salesman, the following will also be checked during the pre-interface and interface:
  1. When updating the attribute, the User ID must be set up for both the old salesman and the new salesman in the Salesman File.
  2. When updating the Wish List, the email address must be set up for both the old salesman and the new salesman in the Salesman File.  
Sample of errors:
A report will print showing the status of each customer update record, as well as report totals.

Modified programs: NSCTLUT2, SYSLMMAS (new), SYSLLMAP (new), ARSYNSLM


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