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Elliott Installer File-In-Use Warning During Installation

Q - I am trying to install updates for Elliott. I'm seeing no users in Elliott 7.5 or 8.1 and no open session in Pervasive, but I'm seeing the following message appear:

Elliott Installer - File In Use Warning

The following files must be closed to finish the installation.  The continue, please close the files or click [Continue] to let the installer forcibly close the files.

How do I proceed from here?

A - If you can, identify the users who opened the files and politely logout those users.  That will be the best way.  See the "Identify Users Who Opened Elliott Files" section below. If you can't, you can just click “Continue” and the system will close those open DLL files and let installation continue.  Elliott's installer can successfully close these files as long as they are open by other workstations or servers over the network.  

Exception Situation - Conflicting Files Opened by the PSQL Server

If you currently have an Elliott application running directly on the PSQL server, (e.g., deferred processing), then Elliott's installer will not be able to close those files automatically.  In that case, you need to log out the user from the PSQL server before the installation can successfully complete. 

Identify Users Who Opened Elliott Files:

You can find out where a user is running Elliott from by either of the following two methods:

(1) Look at Elliott User List - The sample screen below shows a user list that includes a "Computer" column, which indicates which computer the Elliott user is running from. This method works for Elliott V8.x users.

(2) Look at "Open Files" from Computer Management -> Shared Folders first to find the user.

Then go to "Sessions" to see where that user is running from.

Force Logoff  of Users through Task Manager

Once you have determined that the open files are from the PSQL server, It is best if you can access that session and logout gracefully.  If you can't, then you can force that user to logout of the PSQL server by bringing up Task Manager, right clicking on the user that is running the Elliott application, and choosing "Log Off."  See sample screen below:


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