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Unable to Run Elliott from UNC Path

Q - I am trying to set up a workstation to run Elliott. I installed the PSQL 11 client already.  When I browse the PSQL server to where Elliott resides and click on the EL700.EXE to start Elliott, I receive the following error message:
    Unable to load  : \\\unigroup218\Apps\Elliott7\EL700MF.Lbr
Then it follows with an "Application Complete" message box and I am out of Elliott. See sample screen below:

What should I do?

A - When you run Elliott, we expect you to run from a mapped drive.  In your example, you can map M: Drive as \\unigroup218\Apps.  Then run EL700.EXE from the M:\Elliott7 folder.  Elliott will not run from the UNC path directly.


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