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Feature - Import A/R Cash Receipt Detail -- Add Ability to Process Multiple Customers for One Check

Release Date: 2/3/2017

In AR --> Processing ---> Cash Receipts processing --> Interface --> Detail, the current program does not allow processing records that have the same check number but have 2 or more customers.  The reason this can happen is because certain Elliott users can set up the same customer with multiple different customer master records for different purposes, like setting up different customers for different divisions, or different customers for different types of business that are subject to different types of controls. The cash receipt detail interface did not support this scenario before, when one check from the same customer needed to apply to multiple Elliott customers.

To address this issue, an additional parameter has been added to the Detail screen:

If this new parameter is set to "N," the program will process as before,  The following is a sample report when the value is "N."

Note the "errors" that are outlined in red boxes, and the incorrect totals for the report.  The correct number of checks should be 3, and the deposit amount should be 6,485.00 for the test data.

Change the new parameter to "Y" as follows:

And the following is the report that results:

Now, the check 123456 totals 385.00, which matches the amounts for customers 111111 and 222222.  The total checks and deposit amount are now correct.

Just FYI, we do not recommend setting up multiple customer master records for the same customer where each customer master record can have its own accounts receivable.  This will make it difficult to re-apply credit, payments or make adjustments across multiple customer master records.  You can still set up multiple customer records for the same physical customer, but you should use the "Bill-to" customer features to consolidate their A/R under one central customer account.



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