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Feature - Age Customer Accounts When Cash Receipts Are Posted

Release Date - 1/30/17

The feature will age customer accounts when cash receipts or credit card transactions are posted.

Not aging the account can be confusing to departments reading a customer's account because the periods do not line up with payments made, last payment date, customer balance, etc. Customers that can see this data on a website or portal will also be viewing inconsistent data, which can be confusing. This data will remain inconsistent until an account statement is printed or the Age Customer Account function is used, which may not be in a timely manner. Both procedures also include someone performing more steps and taking more time. For customers that do not age customer account balances in deferred processing or regularly print statements, the data can remain inconsistent for a long time.

This feature improves this situation. For example, customer 200 below has a balance in the over 60 day bucket of 44, 082.12.

As cash receipt of 125.00 is entered and posted to the account.

As you can see, posting the cash receipt adjusted the balance in the over 60 days bucket by 125.00.

Note: It is recommended that the Age Customer Account Balance application should still be run on a frequent basis, preferably every night, through deferred processing. This needs to be done to age those customers who have not paid on their accounts. Otherwise, their aging buckets won’t get updated until the Age Customer application is run or statements are printed.



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