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Event When Order Put On Hold at Invoice Printing

Q -  Where do I find the event that fires when orders are put on credit hold during invoice printing? (For example, when an order is put on hold for having a terminated ACH account associated with it.)

A  - Go to A/R customer inquiry or maintenance, bring up any customer and click on the detail Event icon. Press F5 to insert and find the following event:

  • Program: CPINVPRT 
  • Type: ORDHELD 
  • Description: Order Is Held 
This is a generic order held event. The order could be held for many reason during invoice printing. If you only want the event when the ACH account is terminated, then add a filter on the “Held Reason” variable for:
“ACH Payment Account Has Been Terminated”
You may shorten it for “ACH*” to find all orders held due to this ACH reason. 

The other possible reason is “ACH Payment Account Does Not Exist.”  I don’t expect you to receive this message because we don’t allow you to delete an ACH account through the Elliott user interface. If this happens, it really means you have a database integrity issue.


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