Order Already Shipped. Cannot Be Cancelled Until Shipment Cancelled

Q - I need to cancel the pick ticket for an order.  The customer called to cancel the order while we are in the middle of shipping it.  When we use the COP -> Util-Setup -> Cancel Pick Ticket, we are getting the following message:
Order Already Shipped.  Cannot Be Cancelled Unit Shipment Cancelled
See sample screen below:

How do I cancel the pick ticket so that I can proceed to cancel the order?

A - The reason the system is giving you this message is because the order has already been processed through Shipment Verification.  You need to go to COP -> Processing -> Print Pick/Pack Tickets & Labels-> Shipping -> Shipment Verification.  Enter the Order Number in question, and the system will ask you something like: 
Shipment Already Exists. Modify Existing Shipment?
The possible answers are:
Y = Change Shipment
N = No Change
E = Erase The Shipment For This Order
Answer "E" to erase the shipment.  Then exit Shipment Verification.  This procedure will remove all the shipment records associated with this order.  Then you can proceed to cancel the pick ticket.


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