Feature - Added "Put Away Slip" Section to Staging Slip

Release date: 4/10/2017

Currently, the staging slip is designed to pick items. This feature changes the staging slip to support put-away items as well. There are a couple scenarios:

(1)    When a user enters a work order, sometimes the work order component quantity per is negative. This means a “by-product” in Elliott. For example, a parent item A1 consists of components: A1 Body, A1 Handle. Another parent item B1 consist of components: B1 Body and B1 Handle. You can create a work order for parent item AB1 with parent item A1, B1 Handle, and -1 A1 Handle. That is we are going to use parent item A1 to produce parent item AB1. The end result is we will have an extra A1 Handle to put back on the shelf for a future user. Currently, the staging slip does not address the A1 Handle in this case because it is negative.  

(2)  Also, the staging slip does not handle the return of a manufacturing item for put away. A negative WO is considered “disassembly” in Elliott. The disassembled components need to be put away back on the shelf. Since Elliott does not handle negative quantities on the staging slip, the staging slip does not work for a negative work order.

With this change, the staging slip now supports both “Positive” and “ Negative” quantities. The “Positive” quantity is the pick, the “Negative” quantity is the put away. The staging slip is broken into two parts. The first part is the “Picking” part. The second part is the “Put Away” part. In many situations, the staging slip is ether “Picking” or “Put Away.”  But in some situations, it is both. In this case, both sections will be printed on the same staging slip. But a form feed is needed between the different sections.

A "Put Away Slip" section has been added at the end of the staging slip as follows:

                                             P U T   A W A Y   S L I P

Item-No                Item-Description                                         Pick-Seq          P/M
Ord-No Req-Date Line-Description                                 Qty  UM Name/Ref-Desc  Via EC
KBH5710SN        SINGLE LEVER HANDLE FOR                  PHA441           P
765082 03/31/17  SINGLE LEVER HANDLE FOR             3- EA  test
                                Item Total:         3-

 This section will show the put-away quantities for negative work orders or by-products
of a work order.

The following restrictions exist:

1) Negative work orders cannot be combined with sales orders on the same staging batch.

2) Positive and negative work orders cannot be combined on the same staging batch.

3) When adding a range of work orders or a range of sales orders, all orders in the range
must be either positive or negative, and match the type (positive or negative) of the order already selected.

Modified programs: CP02S7, CP02P1S


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