Feature - Not Allowing All Customers When Printing Pick Ticket

Release Date: 4/14/17

Certain users control the printing of pick tickets by customer.  Therefore, they enter "All" for order range, and specify the customer number in the customer number range.  From time to time, a user can make a mistake and print all orders and all customers and cause all orders to come out. For this reason, we had introduced a setup flag in Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Pick/Pack Ticket/Ship Label
    43. Allow All Customer Range When Prt Pick Ticket?
The default value is "Y." See sample screen below:

If this flag is set to "N," then during the printing the pick ticket, if the user attempts to enter at "Starting Customer" field, the user will receive a message "You Must Enter a Range of Customer." See sample screen below:

The exception to this rule is if the user wishes to print only one pick ticket by making the starting order number the same as the ending order number. Then this rule does not apply.



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