Feature - Inventory Transaction Processing Default Bin

Release Date - 4/19/17

This feature gives the user the ability to select a default bin when in the Serial Number Entry window within Inventory Transaction Processing if using serial/bin cross-referencing. 

When processing an issue transaction and scanning/entering the serial numbers, the application will automatically default the "from" bin to the bin that is on file in the Serial/Lot Master file. If the bin that is on file is blank or it is not a valid bin for the warehouse location of the issue transaction, the user will still be required to enter a valid bin number.

When processing a transfer or receiving transaction, the user will now have a new F2 toggle switch. This toggle switch will allow the user to set the default "to" bin for the transfer for the receipt. When entering the screen for the first time, no default bin is set. 

Once the user presses the F2 key, the default bin for all the subsequent transactions can be set.

F7 search is available for this entry. Once a bin is selected, it will be displayed on the Serial Number Entry screen to the right of the Item Number field.

When the default bin is set, the user will not be prompted to enter the "to" bin. Pressing the F2 key again will turn off this function and the application will then prompt the user for the "to" bin.

NOTE: The Consumer Scanner Interface is now available by pressing the F8 key instead of the F2 key in the Serial Number Entry screen.

Programs Modified: SERMNT

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