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Feature - Add Desc2 Column to Item Linkage CSV Report

Release Date: 4/19/2017

In I/M -> Reports -> Item Linkage CSV Report, the Desc2 column is now added to the exported CSV file.  See sample screen below.

The following columns are supported in the CSV file:
  • Item# - Item number
  • Desc - Item description 1
  • Desc2 - Item description 2
  • Cat - Product Category
  • UPC - UPC code if there's one set up for the item
  • Created - item date created
  • P/M/K - Purchase, Manufacturing or Kit Item (P, M or K)
  • AC - Activity Code (A=Active, O=Obsolete...etc.)
  • Stk - Stock Flag (Y or N)
  • UDC - User-Defined Code
  • Bin - Default Bin or Pick Sequence
  • Price - Item Price
  • Multp - Order Multiple 
  • FirstRcvd - The date item first received
  • LastRcvd - The date item last received
  • Link Types - These are the file create dates of the corresponding link types as choosen to be exported to the CSV file.
The purpose of this report is to check if certain link types are set up for the item, such as images, spec...etc.

The same change is applied to I/M -> Processing -> Item Linkage Processing

Modified Program: IMLNKPRP


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