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Feature - Material Work Order Copy Product Structure

Release Date - 4/20/17

This feature will allow a user to copy the product structure for a parent from a different item if the production order parent item has no components. When this occurs, the component screen is shown with no components listed.

A new F1=Copy BOM option has been added. If the user presses the F1 key, he/she will be prompted to enter a parent item number.

Enter the parent item number to use to copy the product structure. F7/F8 item number and description search is supported from this field. The item number entered must be on file in the Item Master file and it must have a product structure on file. After entering a valid item number, the components are copied to the order and the components are displayed.

From here, the user can change the component information shown on the screen.

Programs Modified: BM1702

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