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Feature - Plus Work Order Copy Product Structure

Release Date - 4/21/17

This feature will allow a user to copy the product structure for a parent from a different item if the operation has no components attached. To use this feature, press the F1 key from the Routing Maintenance screen to access the Bill of Material records for the highlighted operation.

The component screen is shown. If there are no components listed, the user will have the option to press the F3 key to copy components from a specified parent item.

When the user presses the F3 key, the application will check for material records attached to a different operation. If the material records exist, the user will be asked to verify that they want to proceed with adding the components.

The application will prompt the user to enter a parent item number.

From this popup window, the user can use the F7/F8 key to search for the parent item number by item number or by description. 

The F1 key is used to toggle the attaching operation that will be used when the components are copied. The options are:
  • Attaching operation designated in the product structure file
  • Current operation that is highlighted on the Routing Maintenance screen
  • The first operation
  • The last operation
After entering a valid item number, the components are copied to the order and are displayed.

From here, the user can change the component information shown on the screen.

Programs Modified: BMRTGMNT

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