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Feature - Utility to Update eContact PDF PostOffice Flags

Release Date - 4/26/17

The purpose of the feature is to provide a mechanism for the user to mass update the PDF PostOffice flags that were introduced in the eContact Manager in V8.2.  A new utility program is available from Global Setup -> Utilities -> System Utilities -> eContact Utilities -> Update Email Doc Flags. This utility gives the user the ability to update the PDF PostOffice and Shipping Confirmation flags using a CSV file.

The utility provides three options: Pre-Interface, Interface and Layout. 

The Pre-Interface & Interface will prompt for the user for the following information:


Import File Path & Name - Provide the full path to the CSV to be imported. This field will default to the last file name entered.

Import File with Header Row? - If the CSV file contains a header row, answer Y. Otherwise, answer N. This field will default to the last value entered.

Update Which File's eContact? - Valid entries are ARCUSFIL, CPSHPFIL and APVENFIL. ARCUSFIL is the default value.

The following CSV layout is supported:
  (A) Email Address or Contact ID (Required)    
  (B) Reference ID (Required)                  
  (C) PDF PostOffice Invoice*                  
  (D) PDF PostOffice Purchase Order*            
  (E) PDF PostOffice AR Statement*              
  (F) PDF PostOffice Order Acknowledgement*    
  (G) PDF PostOffice Order Quote*              
  (H) PDF PostOffice RMA Acknowledgement*      
  (I) Allow Fax When No Email Address          
  (J) Shipment Confirmation Email              

See sample screen below:

The first two columns are required. The following are requirements for each field:

(A)  Email Address/Contact ID: This can be the eContact email address or the eContact ID when there’s no email address for the contact. This information will be used to look up the Contact ID.

(B)  Reference ID: Based on the File Name, Reference ID and the Contact ID, the application will find the corresponding records in the eContact Relationship file. This field should contain:  

  • Customer Number (must provide leading zeroes) when updating the eContacts for the ARCUSFIL
  • Customer Number (must provide leading zeroes) + Ship-To-Number  (must provide leading zeroes)  when updating the eContacts for the CPSHPFIL
  • Vendor Number  (must provide leading zeroes) when updating the eContacts for the APVENFIL

(C)  – (H) supports values of “Y,” “N,” Blank, or “$$BLANK$$.”  Y or N will set the value to “Y” or “N.”  Blank means do not update this field. “$$BLANK$$” will update the field to blank, which means “Default.”

(I) and (J) supports values of “Y,” “N” or Blank. Blank means do not update.

If PDF PostOffice is not enabled in Global Setup, then columns (C) – (I) cannot be updated. Any provided value in these columns will be treated as an error. Only blank values are allowed for these columns under this circumstance. 

If PDF PostOffice is enabled, but the particular document type is not enabled, then providing a value in the corresponding column will be treated as an error. Only a blank value is allowed for that column. 

If Global Setup -> System -> eContact manager, flag “13 Send Shipment/Order Confirmation Email to Who?” is not set to “E,” then column (J) must be blank. Any provided value will be considered to be an error.

Programs Modified: SYCNTUTL



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