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What If I Do Not Run AP Manual Check Register?

Q - I was told that I should run Manual Check Register Report under the Reports menu after processing manual AP checks through the following two areas:
  • Accounts Payable -> Processing -> A/P Transaction processing, enter a pre-paid transaction with check number and date, then post the AP transaction.
  • Accounts Payable ->  Processing -> A/P Open Item Adjustment, enter a manual payment transaction, then post it.
I noticed the manual checks are posted after the posting in the above two steps.  The data is updated to A/P Open Item, as well as AP Distribution to GL.  So my question is why do I need to run the Manual Check Register Report afterwards?  What if I skip the Manual Check Register Report, then what will happen?

A - The AP Manual Check Register Report serves the following purposes:
  1. It prints a list of manual checks and the vouchers paid by the manual checks.
  2. It updates the AP Check Reconciliation File.
  3. It updates the AP Check History Summary File.
  4. It updates the AP Vendor Amount Paid YTD and Discount Taken Fields.
Even though item 1 above is not a critical step to have in the operation, items 2 - 4 are quite important for Accounts Payable.  If you fail to run the Manual Check Register Report, then those areas will not be updated.


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