In Order Line Item Screen, Got Message "Qty Available Had Changed While You Enter This Line Item"

Q - We are getting the message below when trying to change qty. to ship to 1 for this Order. I don't understand what this message means. Can you explain?

   Qty Avail Had Changed While You Enter This Line Item, Saving is Not Allowed.

See sample screen below:

A - If this is not an consistent error, then this is a normal message. The reason for this message is because in the Order Line Item screen, we are now using “phantom” lock logic to avoid locking an item for an extensive period of time when the line item is brought up. This will allow multiple users to access the same item at the same time. But the downside is that if one person is making a change in between, then the other person can receive this message. In this case, the change of qty to ship is not saved due to the "phantom" locking conflict.  So the user should bring up the line item and change the line item qty to ship again. This message can happen when the user is trying to add, change or delete a line item.

It is suggested that an order entry person who performs editing of the line item should do so quickly from the time that he/she brings up the line item to the time he/she saves it.  An order entry person is more likely to receive this message if he/she brings up a line item screen and stays there for a long time.  In the past, this has caused extensive locking on the item and resulted in other Elliott user problems. We often advise our users not to bring up a line item and stay there for a long period of time to avoid causing a locking conflict.  Now, since our new Order Entry Line Item screen utilizes the "phantom" lock, instead of causing extensive locking for other users, the offending users who bring up the line item and stay there for a long time are now likely to receive this conflict message.

Also, in your case, since the user is performing a "Fill Back Order" function through the order entry change mode, we suggest that you consider using the "Fill Back Order" function instead.  The "Fill Back Order" function will not lock an item for an extensive period of time.  So this will not be an issue.


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