Elliott eStore Checklist

Release Date: 5/22/2017

- I would like to implement the Elliott eStore. What do I need?

A - To implement eStore, please go over the following checklist.

Setup Elliott Web Service 

Elliott Web Service is a building block for any Elliott Internet solution, and it's a required component for the Elliott eStore. If you do not already have Elliott Web Service, you will need to get it set up. For more information on Elliott Web Service requirements, please refer to the Knowledge Base article here.

Determine Who Will Host the eStore

The eStore can either be hosted by you or by Netcellent. To help you choose, please consider the following questions:

Do you have an IT admin who is knowledgeable about web hosting (Windows / IIS / MSSQL / networking)?

If No, consider hosting by Netcellent.
Do you have an IT admin who is knowledgeable in troubleshooting web-hosting related issues?

When the web site experiences performance issues, can they (your IT admin staff) narrow down the cause? (e.g., Is it a DNS problem? Is it a network issue on the user side? Is the web server running out of CPU resources? Is the database server running out of memory or disk space? Is it because of a traffic spike? etc.)
If No, consider hosting by Netcellent.
Do you require the best possible performance / network latency? If Yes, consider hosting yourself.
When the eStore is hosted by Netcellent, there is additional network latency for the data to travel from the web service server hosted at your office to the web server hosted by Netcellent.
Determine eStore URL
There are two options.
  1. Find an available domain and register it. There are many domain registrar services that would allow you to do that, such as  www.thatismydomain.com. 
  2. Use the sub domain of an existing URL. If your company already owns an URL, you can have the eStore URL be a sub domain of that URL. For example, if your company URL is www.mycompany.com, the eStore URL could be store.mycompany.com. The advantage is you don't have to register additional domains.

Web Server (If Hosted by You)

The web server should satisfy the following requirements:
  1. Must run on Windows 2008 R2 server or later OS.
  2. Must have IIS is installed.
  3. Must have .NET Framework 4.5 or later is installed.
  4. Must have access to MSSQL server. If you have an existing MSSQL server on your network, you can create the eStore database on the same database server. Otherwise, you can install a new instance of MSSQL Express Edition.

Networking (If Hosted by You)

  1. Allow HTTP(S) from the web server to the web service server. 
  2. Allow HTTP(S) access from anywhere to the web server.
  3. (Optional) Allow terminal server access to Netcellent for easier support (we have a static IP range).
If hosted by Netcellent:
  1.   Allow HTTP(S) from the web server to the web service server.  
  2.   (Optional) Allow terminal server access to Netcellent for easier support (we have a static IP range).


If the web site is hosted by you, configure the DNS to point to your web server. If hosted by Netcellent, configure the DNS to point to the Netcellent web server (IP will be given to you by Netcellent). 

SSL Certificate

Acquire an SSL certificate for the URL that you choose.  


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