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Feature - Add Ability to Include or Exclude by Vendor Type for AP Checks

Release date: 5/24/2017

A new feature has been added to AP check printing to allow users to Include(I) or Exclude(E) up to 5
vendor types when printing AP checks. Enter "A" for "All" to select all vendor types.

Users can indicate the following values using the new parameter “6. Incl/Excl Vend Typ?”:

                A = All Vendor Types (default)

                I = Include

                E = Exclude

When the user chooses “I” or “E,” the user can enter up to 5 vendor types to include or exclude in the check run. There’s no F7/F8 search for vendor type since it is a free form entry field. The user does not have to enter all 5 vendor types. The last entry of a blank vendor type will terminate further entry of vendor types. If the user does not specify any vendor type on the first field, then it is equivalent to selecting all vendor types (regardless whether the user chooses "I" or "E").

Modified programs: AP08S2, AP08P2


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