Freezing When Printing Costed Bill of Materials

Release Date: 5/24/17

Q -  Would you have any idea what would cause the Total Cost Buildup (BOMP -> Processing -> Print Costed Bill of Material) to always freeze and be unable to complete on a certain part number?

A - The most likely situation is due to a BOMP integrity issue. This can happen when you try to:

  • BOMP -> Processing -> Reset Low Level Codes; or
  • BOMP -> Processing -> Print Costed Bill of Material and you answer "Y" to "Reset Low Level Codes"; or
  • BOMP -> Maintenance -> Cost Master File and you answer "Y" to "Reset Low Level Code First" in "Current Total Cost Build-up" Function.
  • I/M -> Processing -> Reset Allocated Quantities;
The integrity issue can occur when a particular needed item (component) or inventory location record is deleted.  For example: For Mfg Item # 34014, the BOM is set as Item # 34014 = A + B +C +D, but unfortunately somehow item # B has been deleted from Item Master file or the Inventory Location file. When the system tries to update item B or the inventory location record for item B, and the corresponding record is not found, the system can fall into an infinite loop. 


Run integrity checking to remove the ghost components (i.e., item # B) from the BOM structure.
From Elliott Main Menu -> System Utilities -> Global Setup --> Utilities --> BOMP Utilities --> BOMP Integrity Check. Please see example shown below. 

You may run this utility by answer "N" first to "5. Delete Invalid Record ?"  Then this utility will give you a list of integrity problems found without altering the Elliott database and you can perform research to confirm the integrity problem.

If you agree with the integrity problem identified by this utility, then you can proceed to answer "Y" to "Delete Invalid Record" from the BOMP product structure automatically and resolve the integrity issue. But since the proper solution may be to add back the deleted item or inventory location record, there's no guarantee that answering "Y" will result in the best action.

Since the integrity problem is often caused by deleting an item or inventory location record, we suggest that you make an item "Obsolete" instead of deleting it.  You can do so by going to the Item Master record and changing field "6. Activity Code" to "O" = Obsolete.  If you don't like the obsoleted item showing up when you perform an F7/F8 search, then you can go to Global Setup -> Dist -> I/M Global Control -> Screen 2, answer "Y" to "3. Exclude Obsolete Item in Item Search ?"


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